Thank you for choosing the Island Yacht Club as your cruising destination. 


We look forward to welcoming you this summer.


Overnight Slips

Visitor slips are available without a reservation on a first-come basis, or with a reservation booked ahead of arrival. Reservations are highly reccomended, (especially on the long weekends) as IYC tends to fill to capacity on some weekends.

Daytime Slips

Visitor slips for the day only are also available. Reservations for Day Slips are also highly reccomended.


Guests are welcome to use the tender to access the city from the IYC. Tender passes can be purchased at the Dock Master office.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Complimentary dockside Wi-Fi
  • 85oF Swimming Pool
  • Full-size regulation Tennis Courts
  • Badminton & Volleyball net and Soccer field
  • Two childrens Playgrounds
  • Childrens Playroom
  • Full-service Restaurant, Bar and Lounge

City & Athletic Club Members

We have reciprocal privaleges with many city and athletic clubs in the GTA. Athletic club members can look forward to spending the day at the IYC, Wednesdays through Sundays (including holiday Mondays) in July, August and September






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