Junior Club Sailing Camp

The Island Yacht Club "Junior Club Sailing
Camp" offers several programs and courses for children 6 years and older.


Wetfeet Program ( 6-8 yrs.)

The Wetfeet program offers a safe and fun way for the youngest of sailors entry into the sport. Under direct supervision by certified instructors, young children are guided through basic sail terminology, rigging, and sailing the Optimist Pram or Optimist. No prior sailing knowledge or experience needed!

Wetfeet is offered as a  two week program. 

Opti Sail Program ( 7-11 yrs.)

The Optimist program caters to both beginner and more experienced sailors in this age range. More advanced sailors will be coached on racing rules and techniques with the opportunity to compete in local races. Participants progress through CANSail levels 1 & 2 as outlined by Sail Canada.

Opti sail is a two week program. However, if interested in racing, it is advised to sign up for additional weeks.  

CANSail 1 & 2  (Previously WHITE SAIL I, II, III) (11-17 yrs.)

CANSail 1 teaches new sailors basic sailing terminology, rigging, basic boat handling skills, and above all safety on the water. Topics covered include: points of sail, tacking, gybing, and capsizing, to name a few. This is a wonderful program that provides children with new skills, new friends, and new fun. And all in an interactive and safe outdoor environment!

CANSail 2 builds on the knowledge and skills gained in CANSail 1. Sailors become more comfortable, competent and skilled on the water. Topics covered include: boat trim, turtling, hiking, and man overboard, to name a few. CANSail 2 really provides students with confidence and independence as they learn how to effectively control a small sailing vessel.

Fusion 15s and 420s are used for CANSail 1 & 2. 

CANSail 3 and 4 (Previously Bronze Sail IV & V)

CANSail 3 is for those sailors who wish to further develop their skills on the water. Covers advanced sail theory and boat handling skills such as sailing without a rudder, sailing backwards, race starts, spinnaker and trapeze work. The focus is to maximize time on the water while really learning the technicals of sailing well and sailing fast. Racing opportunities are included and encouraged at these levels.

CANSail 3 and 4 are offered on 420s and are both one-month programs.

All programs have access to the tennis courts and the swimming pool.

2014 Program Dates & Fees

     Wetfeet Program and Opti Sail

          June 30th to July11th
         July 14th to July 25th
         July 28th to August 8th
         August 11th to August 22nd

         IYC Member: $495.00 
         Non-Member: $525.00

     CANSail 1 & 2                     
     (CYA White Sail I, II, III)

           June 30th to July 11th
        July 14th to July 25th
        July 28th to August 8th
        August 11th to August 22nd

        IYC Member: $495.00 
        Non-Member: $525.00

     CANSail 3 & 4
     (CYA Bronze Sail IV, V)

           June 30th to July 25th
        July 28th to August 22nd

        IYC Member: $995.00 
        Non-Member: $1,050.00

To register for a program, or for more information, please contact:

Sarah Mulderrig
Learn to Sail & Sailing Camp Manager
416.203.1245 (Office)
647.515.9463 (Mobile)

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